Me vs. HIMYM Finale Me: So! My favorite otp, Robin and Barney are finally married! HIMYM Finale: Nope, they get divorced three years later. Me: But, but...they love each other so much, they're perfect together. They will make up, right? Cause they learned to communicate with each other. HIMYM Finale: Nope. Not gonna happen. HIMYM Finale: And Barney's gonna return to his womanizing ways. Me: But what about his character development over several past seasons? What about his realization that one night stands don't satisfy him anymore? HIMYM Finale: No, forget about that. HIMYM Finale: But hey! Eventually he's gonna change his ways! Me: When he gets together with Robin again? HIMYM Finale: No, dummy! When his one night stand gives birth to his daughter! Robin couldn't have kids anyway, you know. Me: But he didn't mind not having kids? And why is a mother of his child nameless? That's pretty sexist of you. HIMYM Finale: ... HIMYM Finale: ... HIMYM Finale: Really? I guess I shouldn't tell you then that the Mother (Tracy) dies? Me: WTF?! HIMYM Finale: Yeah, she was just a plot device that (unlike Robin) could give Ted kids he wanted so much. HIMYM Finale: You won't see her much in the last episode anyway, so don't worry. HIMYM Finale: And did I mention that Robin and Ted are the endgame? HIMYM Finale: It doesn't matter that she didn't love him as much as he loved her, it doesn't matter she was more herself when she was with Barney, suddenly she's in love with Ted again! Hurray! HIMYM Finale: Oh! You thought that we meant it when he finally let go off Robin in the last season and she reaffirmed her love for Barney? Poor you! We were just messing with you, pal! Me: ... Me: ... Me: ... Me: I hate you and I wish you never existed.
Ross: Did she get off the plane? Rachel: I got off the plane… but died after 15 years of beautiful marriage you’re free to re-marry Carol who btw is not a lesbian now it was just a phase. Lol. Bury me in Prada. bye.

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